The very house in Long Branch in which the Boss' "Born to Run" was written is for sale. What's the history of the structure and how much is it going for?

Monmouth County Association of Realtors

The address is 71/2 West End Court. It was rented by Bruce in 1974 and 1975. But now, Keller Williams Realty is asking $349,900 for it. There have reportedly been over 80 offers already.

The house has five rooms, two bedrooms and one bath. There are three owners. Only one of the owners is a resident, and he’s getting married and looking to sell and move out.

Bob Dylan was detained in 2009 when looking for this house. Dylan went to West End Avenue instead of West End Court. Dylan may have purchased the house, if he had ever made it there.

The realtor is hoping that the city of Long Branch would purchase the property and make it a music history destination.

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