It was a Mother's Day brunch for hundreds of Wall Township Brownies and Girl Scouts and their moms. Nancy Reamy and I were happy to participate!

When a local troop leader (Stefani) asked if Nancy and I would come to the brunch at Spring Lake Manor yesterday and say a few words about being a mom and about our own moms, we happily accepted the invitation.

As a mom of two boys, I rarely get the chance to be out at any Mommy-Daughter events, so it was heartwarming to see pink frills, yellow flowers, orange swirls, and everything else sweet and girlie at this wonderful event.

The girls were adorable and the moms looked beautiful and Nancy and I even danced the Cha Cha Slide with a dance floor full of pretty hair, bouncing curls, and patent-leather sandals.

Nancy spoke about missing her two girls, who are now in college and in the working world, so she was a bit nostalgic remembering back to when they were little.

I got to talk about how my mom took my hand and brought me to my very first brownie meeting and helped me bake cookies when I was a girl scout (in fact I won a baking contest way back then, lol.)

I also want to thank all of the scouts and their moms for bringing contributions for the Monmouth County SPCA. They will appreciate the piles of stuff that was donated!