It was the video that went viral and sickened the country. Now, the students behind the horrible bullying of bus monitor Karen Klein are facing the consequences.  But, is it enough?

The four middle school students have been suspended from school for one year. Additionally, they will required to serve fifty hours of community service and attend anti-bullying programs. None of them have apologized directly to Karen.

Karen explained her awful experience to CNN and her positive outlook on life.

The last part of Karen's interview is key. "All kids aren't bad."

A stranger in Toronto started a web pledge campaign to raise $5,000 for Karen to take a vacation. Little did anyone know how widespread the video and Karen's story would go.

As of this writing $678,710 has been raised for Karen with 15 days of fundraising left to go. Considering she was barely making $15,000 a year, this is life changing. A well deserved chunk of change for an amazing woman who has taken the high road this entire time.

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