When I snore it wakes my wife up, and then she wakes me up, and I don't blame her. When she does wake me up, I actually try not to snore. Is that even possible?

Can you physically try to not snore? I mean it's pretty easy when you're awake, but I've actually found myself trying to fall asleep with not snoring on my mind. I concentrate on it as I fall asleep.

Obviously, this couldn't possibly work, could it? Well, I don't think it's worked for me yet, since I keep getting awakened by a tired wife who is ready for earplugs, or a separate bedroom.

I'd imagine going to sleep trying not to snore is kind of like going to bed trying to dream that the Mets have won the World Series. No matter how much I want to dream it, I wind up dreaming that I'm still in high school and I didn't do my homework and old Mrs. Crabtree, my science teacher, who looks a lot like Liz, I mean a lot like Liz, is telling me I have detention again.

My wife doesn't wake me up from the old Mrs. Liz Crabtree nightmare, but she does wake me up when I snore. Doesn't seem right, does it?

Anyway, my wife has been begging me to try the nose strips, and I'm eventually going to have to give in and try them. And once I solve the snoring issue, I may seek professional help on the Liz Crabtree nightmares.