We keep the TV on in here in case any sort of breaking news happens. Depending on Lou's mood in the morning (and which woman is anchoring that day), I'll come in to find Headline News (HLN), Fox 5, or Fox News on.

My favorite is HLN...why? They are king of the car chases -- one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

I don't know what it is about car chases that pulls me in...but once they start, I can't look away!

Flickr user Jason Rojas

Let me say, that I know how dangerous these things can be. Plenty of innocent people get hurt, with their vehicles and properties damaged, and of course the police officers are putting their lives on the line in pursuit of the criminals.

Let me also say, that I in no way encourage people to lead police on a dangerous pursuit.


The thing is, they NEVER end well for the person running away.

Whether it's a crash, spike strips, or in today's case, the person just giving up and pulling over, they always end somehow, usually with the person getting arrested and facing additional charges.

If they don't get arrested, it's likely because they wound up in the hospital (or the morgue.)

I have yet to see a police pursuit on TV where the suspect gets away.

The best part is the suspense of it all, wondering how long it will last. How will it end??

Today's chase

Today's was especially entertaining because the brainiac driving the car got on the freeway in Los Angeles during morning rush hour.

At times, he was completely stopped, but mostly going around 10-20 mph, occasionally finding a stretch of open road to pick up speed before having to stop again.

Eventually he realized he wasn't getting away and just pulled over...where he and his passenger were promptly arrested.

My favorite car chase of all time though? Has to be the one from a couple weeks ago where the suspects in a bank robbery were throwing cash out of the car as they led police through downtown L.A.:


It always seems like these things happen on the west coast. Don't get any ideas, Jersey.

What's one of your biggest guilty pleasures to watch on TV? Tell us below!