How to Strengthen Brittle Nails
Tracy in Toms River is a teacher who is constantly washing her hands during the school year, leaving her nails broken and brittle. Now that summer is here, she wants to know the best way to strengthen nails, and Salon Kokopelli co-owner Mary Ball has the answer with this week's Beauty Secret!
Listen to Pink’s New Song
94.3 The Point has Pink's new song "Blow Me One Last Kiss" before anyone else at the Jersey Shore! Listen to it and tell us what you think after the jump!
Coloring and Covering Gray Hair With Dark Roots
Gray hairs can ruin anyone's day...and they can be a pain to cover up. Denise is Jackson is sick of having to deal with dark roots and having to color her hair every six weeks. She's looking for an alternative and Salon Kokopelli co-owner and hairstylist Mary Ball has an answer!

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