NJ’s Official Douchebag
Thrilist has combed the entire country to find each state's biggest d-bag. Their pick for New Jersey is shocking, quite frankly.
Summer Poem For Locals
Summer at the Jersey Shore means a combination of locals and tourists. We appreciate their love for our home, but sometimes it's not easy.
Morning Show Coffee-Gate
If you've ever bought a co-worker a cup of coffee, this may have happened to you. It happened to me once and I don't want it to happen again. Welcome to Coffee-gate.
Top 5 Differences Between Bennies and Locals
At the start of every summer we begin to prepare for the influx of Bennies. Overcrowded beaches, traffic and the inability to find parking irritate us. Here are the top 5 differences between "us" and "them."
Top 5 Jersey Shore Beach Pet Peeves
You finally get the perfect day. It's not too hot, the ocean is warm and you're off to your spot on the beach. You're looking forward to a nice, relaxing peaceful day when one of these things happen.

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