The Four Commandments (of many) of driving in New Jersey
There are many rules to the road and they're in place for safety reasons to protect both you and I and the many other who walk, bike, run or drive on New Jersey roadways. There are four situations in particular many of us come to face with on a daily basis.
Help the MCSPCA As They Rescue Dogs from Houston
The Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) has just taken in 100 dogs and got them settled into their shelter at 1 am (this morning!) These poor animals came out of the Hurricane Harvey area of devastation in Texas. And that is only the beginning. Here's how you can help.
In Defense of Tourists on This Beach
We have heard (and witnessed) more than our share of tourists who destroy the beach while they are using it. They leave it downright nasty. But scroll down and take a look at the photo I took at 6:30 pm after a perfect summer beach day.

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