7 Questions People at the Shore are Tired of Answering
When one visits the Shore for the first time, there is always going to be some natural curiosity. But for people who live here, we get sick of the stereotypical inquisitions. Here are a some that will make us all shake our heads simultaneously.
Top Christmas Songs 2015 – A Holiday Playlist
Each Christmas wouldn't be complete without the perfect soundtrack. Here are the top 40 holiday hits and Christmas classics just in time for parties, family gatherings and everything that goes along with the season.
Top 5 Classic Thanksgiving Day Movies
As we prepare for another Thanksgiving I was feeling nostalgic. I was thinking about the days when after my family finished Thanksgiving dinner and before the afternoon football game came on, you only had a few channels on TV to choose from...
You Know You’re from the Jersey Shore When…
Most of us are transplants to the Jersey Shore via north Jersey and New York. But, most of us have lived here long enough to spot an out of towner a mile away. It could be their references, their driving or actions. Want to add to our list? Leave your suggestion in the comment section at the bottom …

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