You Know You’re From Middletown When…Part 2
It's been an amazing walk down memory lane reading your submissions for "You Know You're From Middletown When..." The feedback was (and continues to be) excellent, so let's get right to part 2 of our series!
You Know You’re From Middletown When…Part 1
Over the past couple of weeks, we've shined the spotlight on Brick, Howell and Freehold. The response for all have been great, thanks to everyone who participated on Facebook. It's time to feature Middletown in our series.
You Know You’re From Freehold When…Part 2
Freehold has a ton of history and a bunch of memories. Thank to everyone who shared on Facebook. The feedback was so great that I couldn't fit all of the responses into one blog! Be sure to check out "You Know You're From Freehold When...Part 1" and see how many of these …
You Know You’re From Freehold When…Part 1
Recently, we've featured different towns in Monmouth and Ocean counties in our "you know you're from..." series. Brick and Howell had tremendous response on Facebook, but neither came close to Freehold.
What Jersey Shore Guys Really Want for Valentine’s Day
February 14th, the day to show your true love. I have always considered Valentine’s Day one to show the woman in your life how much you love her. Yet, many women still stress over what to get their man for V-Day. According to Tokii Data, 45% of men and 19% of women believe guys should also be spoile…
You Know You’re from Brick When…
Some call it Brick, Brick Twp or even Bricktown when they're feeling nostalgic. 32 jam-packed square miles including Adamston, Breton Woods,Burrsville, Cedar Bridge, Cedarwood Park, Cherry Quay, Greenbriar, Havens Cove, Havens Point, Herbertsville, Herring Island, Lanes Mills,Laurelton, Mandalay Par…

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