15 Lines We Never Want to Hear in a Movie Again
Last week, I got so sick of hearing a particular line of dialogue — “This isn’t a movie! This is real life!” — that I wrote a piece about it. While finishing it, I teased the article on Twitter by sharing the headline and inviting my followers to guess what line ha…
7 Great Excuses to Get Out of Work on a Nice Day
We've had some ridiculously nice weather lately, and there's nothing worse than being stuck inside on a nice day!
Sometimes you just need to forget your responsibilities and play a little hooky! Here's 7 great excuses to use the next time you need a last minute day off...
10 Sweet Jersey Shore Ice Cream Parlors
Ice cream is always in season, but now that the weather is getting nicer, we're more likely to hit a local ice cream shop than grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Here are 10 awesome shore ice cream parlors.

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