More New Jersey World Records
Last week, we spoke with Ed Jarrett, whose Sandy Castle just broke the Guinness World Record for tallest sand castle. It was a proud moment for Ed and for all of us on the Jersey Shore.
Jersey Shore Comes Together To Light Up New Jersey
A year ago, neighbors came together to help neighbors in need after Sandy and last night's Light Up New Jersey event showed that the strength of the residents of New Jersey and their commitment to help their neighbors hasn't weakened.
Helping Your Children Deal with the Anniversary of Sandy
The Starfish Project was created as a way to help keep your kids from being retraumatized leading up the anniversary of the superstorm. Look for "anniversary reactions" among your family, and use this great step-by-step guide and wide range of services stil…
One Year Later: Back Home [AUDIO]
Superstorm Sandy, to many New Jerseyans, meant some minor damage and a few cold nights in the dark. For thousands of other residents, however, the struggle has lasted much longer.

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