Super Bowl

My Open Letter To The New York Giants
Dear Giants,
I have been a good boy all (most) of the year. Letters like this work with Santa, so I hope they'll work with you. I have been a fan of yours my whole life. I have seen the ups and downs. I have only cursed you out once or twice (twenty times) each Sunday. I have worn…
This Girl Has Connections!
Aside from the fact that Rooney Mara is having a great month, between being nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and being named the third hottest woman in America, she has a Super Bowl connection like no other.
Do You Care About The Super Bowl? [POLL]
I really could care less about professional football. I like sports and all, but I'm really only into baseball and college football. Still, I, like most people, will be at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I pretty much always root for New York teams, so this weekend I'm a Giants fan, but hone…
11 Things You Don’t Want to Hear at a Super Bowl Party
Whether it be the commercials, the halftime show or, you know, the game itself, the Super Bowl gets everyone fired up — so much so that the Super Bowl party has become an American institution.
Not much can dampen the enthusiasm we have for the biggest game in the sports world. But here are a fe…
The Top 8 Most Annoying Super Bowl Party Guests [Poll]
A great Super Bowl party usually consists of a decent crowd, awesome food and drinks, and one heck of a football game. Gathering friends and family together can get pretty interesting regardless of the occasion, but there's something about the mixture of friends, food, and football that bring…
Who’s Ready for the Superbowl Parties?
My beloved Giants are preparing for the big game, but for the rest of us, it's all about watching the game and planning or attending the parties that go along with the Superbowl! We have commercials to watch, refs to scream at and lots of food to eat.

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