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The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
Super Bowl ads tend to have more longevity than traditional commercials thanks to their large budgets, creative freedom and overall goal to keep you glued to the TV between quarters. Some, however, aren't remembered for the joy they brought but rather for the public outcry they produced.
Giants LB Herzlich is Already a Champion
When Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich stepped off the plane in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI, he sent an inspirational message out to his Twitter followers.
The rookie linebacker has come a long way since being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2009. The
7 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes
Sticking with your New Year's diet regimen can be tough when prepping for a Super Bowl party. Check out these 7 super tasty (and healthy) snack recipes that will make your taste buds happy and keep your waistline shrinking!
Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin” Will Dominate the Week
Madonna and her new song and video will be all over the place this week. reprots the video will make it's debut on Thursday's edition of American Idol. On Friday, the song will be released as a single in the iTunes digital store, and of course Madonna will be performing it liv…
The Greatest Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
The Super Bowl might bring the promise of glory to one group of lucky fans and humiliating and bitter defeat to another, but for the rest of the universe, it's a chance to enjoy some primo, top-of-the-line adver-tainment.
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