While at church, children in attendance were given the opportunity to ask Jesus a question and one child asked the question many baseball fans would love the answer to.

There were a thousand questions young Charlie could have asked. Out of all of them, this young boy chose was the same question every Mets fan has asked at one time or another. The young boy asked Jesus, "Why did you make the Mets so bad"?

A man tweeted a picture of the letter after his friend’s son Charlie wrote the question at church on Sunday, and Bleacher Report ran the story.

By the way Charlie, I have been a Mets fan my whole life, and I'm not sure there will ever be an answer to that question, but I guess the lesson is to love the Mets just the way they are, and that winning isn't everything. But it would be nice once in a while, right Charlie?

You can check out the actual letter Charlie wrote here.