When it comes to helping kids battling cancer, there is so much that can be done to help the children as well as their families, and the Childhood Leukemia Foundation offers many programs.

One of the programs offered by CLF is "Hugs You Wear". CLF provides custom made, 100% human hair wigs, combined with kid-friendly hats to children around the country, including here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

The "Wish Basket" program offers kids a basket full of goodies and surprises as they go through the daunting process of cancer treatment.The baskets are customized for infants, children and teens.

The "Hope Binder" is a huge help to families. After receiving the diagnosis, families can be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of information they have to understand and keep track of. The Hope Binder helps families organize treatment plans, insurance information, bills, prescriptions, appointments and much more.

You can learn more about these programs and all that CLF does, plus find out how you can help them make a difference in a child's life by visiting the Childhood Leukemia Foundation website.