Diane and I were really looking forward to a nice week in between Christmas and New Year's to relax, and just unwind after a crazy 2012. Then we got an unwanted guest. The Man Flu. I was sick, but I think she got the worst of it.

It started with a little runny nose last Wednesday and by Saturday, I think Diane was wishing she was at work.I think it would have been less stress and running around for her. She ran to the drug store twice, she made me soup, she catered to me every minute of that 6 day man flu. Some vacation for her!

Don't get me wrong, I took it like a man. That is if you consider six days of whining, crying and complaining taking it like a man. I did, however insist that I sleep on the couch so she didn't get sick too. What a guy, right?

To all the men out there,I hope you don't get the Man Flu this season because it's not fun. And to all the women out there, I really hope your guy doesn't get the Man Flu. It's way less fun for you.