Hundreds of volunteers from the metro area will be engaging in a variety of projects to help in Super Storm Sandy relief as part of Clean Ocean Action's first Waves of Action.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

The environmental group is partnering with numerous other organizations throughout the area and asking members to coordinate relief efforts as part of the Waves of Action Day on December 8th.

Community leaders can register their projects online and volunteers can subscribe themselves. Types of projects can include beach, town, and park clean-ups, food, household item, and furniture drives, fundraisers for wildlife and communities in needs, or home clean out and repairs.

According to Tavia Danch, educational coordinator at Clean Ocean Action, the goal of the Waves of Action Days is to bring targeted relief to where it's needed most. By registering each project online, Danch says it lets them act as a clearinghouse for relief efforts; connecting those who want to volunteer with coordinators leading projects.

"Really to figure out how many volunteers are needed at each project, and make sure we're not overwhelming the business, the homeowner, or the township."

At the moment Wave of Action is being run with Sandy relief in mind, however as time continues the goal for Clean Ocean Action is to have the even evolve with the further needs of the communities, engaging in shore debris clean-ups and other projects to improve water quality.