Since the story broke, I've been very vocal about the cons of the early alcohol ban in Point Pleasant Beach. Tonight it seems the town and the businesses in Point Beach have reached what's being called a "compromise."The Point Beach Mayor and Council voted narrowly on tonight for bars to stop serving alcohol at 1 a.m. Alcohol was originally set to stop flowing at midnight beginning July 1st.

Councilmembers Michael Corbally, Bret Gordon, Kristine Tooker and Mayor Vincent Barrella (who broke a tie) voted for what they described as "a compromise," with Councilmembers William Mayer, Tim Lurie and Stephen Reid voting no.

The council then opened the meeting up to public comment.

Attorneys representing boardwalk businesses and their clients were talking among themselves in the front rows of the meeting room as talks continue into the late night hours.

[partial source: Pt. Beach Patch]

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