Chalk one up for the nerds. If you love the 80's, you remember Revenge of The Nerds.There was a nerd named Lewis who managed to somehow get the pretty girl.

I never really felt like I related to that since I never saw myself as a nerd...until last night. I dressed up as a nerd to celebrate the 80's. Now back to Revenge of the Nerds. A nerd named Lewis wound up with the pretty girl. Now look at the picture. That's me. My name, by the way, is Louis. Different spelling, but you get the point.

I showed that picture to some people at the 80's party and asked what was wrong with it. The answer was generally, "You".  And who can argue with that.

So I just wanted to pay tribute to all my fellow nerds out there. You can keep the bad boy, the hot guy, and the quarterback. The nerds are doing just fine, thank you!