With the weather being as cold as it's been, it may be tough to think of a beautiful beach day, or maybe it's the perfect time. We decided to find out if any New Jersey beaches make the list of best beaches.

The answer is yes. And with all respect to the other great beaches on this list I thought more than 1 New Jersey beach should have made the list. The list I'm referring to was compiled by the Travel Channel and puts the beautiful Cape May beach on it's Top 10.

Flip Key blog listed their top 16 east coast vacations, and the Garden State was Mentioned twice, once for Cape May, and once for the Jersey Shore, saying the Jersey Shore is a great destination beyond summer and right into the holiday season!

And when huffingtonpost.com listed the top places to relax in the whole country, Cape May made the top 10 once again!

So, although I think many other Monmouth and Ocean County beaches could easily have made these lists, and certainly deserve to, we do have some Garden State representation!