Guys can't usually admit when they're wrong, but I learned yesterday we have no problem to confessing to complete ignorance, even when it comes to "guy" stuff. And lots of women know it!  Here's what happened.

I had to take the truck in to my friend Brian's auto repair shop about a month ago because I thought I might be leaking oil. It wasn't. He said I needed to use a different type of oil, but to check it about once a week. I asked what day next week I should come in. He laughed. I wasn't kidding.
Seven days passed and it was time. I went out to the driveway under cover of night. If something bad happened, I didn't want the neighbors to see. Oil level: maximum. The same story happened three weeks in a row, then yesterday happened.
Yesterday, when I pulled the thing out of the thing, it said the oil was at min. I put the thing back in the thing and now it said max. I went back into the radio station and asked three guys which they thought was right. The only thing that saved me from the sheer embarrassment of the question was the pride all the other guys had in their lack of knowledge.
By the way my friends' names are "you asking me?, "not a clue" and "what do I look like, a scientist?". Later in he day, two people independently gave me the correct answer. My mechanic Brian and my boss/wife Diane.