Nancy and I were talking about how her husband Chris is working from home, and I thought I would try to find some helpful tips for wives who's husbands work from home.

What I found instead were a lot of wives who were a little, let's say, stressed about the whole "hubby at home" thing. As a matter of fact, at, I found phrases like "so annoying", "drives me crazy" and "slowly killing me". Now I'm the kind of guy who tries to find the silver lining in everything, but I'm not sure there's one there.

One of my favorite comments came from a wife who said, "there's no avoiding him". Guys do have a way of always kind of being there, don't we? When my wife is at home and is trying to get some work done, I immediately go back to my 8 year old brain. I have to be the center of attention and joke around and just generally bother her. Needless to say, she love it. Yea, right.

One woman did have a really great idea. She asks her husband to be out of the house at least one hour a day when she's home so she can have some time in the house alone. His reaction? Confusion. No surprise, right?

Of course, if you're working all day, it's less "in your face", but according to some experts, that leads to another problem...anger at him when nothing in the house got done while you were gone. And that brings up a whole new set of quotes, but that's for a different day.