Do women really talk more than men? Some recent research tried to answer that question once and for all.

According to the study, performed by a team of researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, and reported at, says the answer depends on the situation. Men and women were observed during a "12-hour collaborative academic work period" and a lunchbreak.

The women were only "slightly more likely" than men to talk during the lunch period, but were "much more likely" to talk more than men during the work period.  The study says that in "collaborative" situations in the workplace, women seem to choose to work with each other, and therefore talk more.

The study was done on a small group of people which included 38 women and 42 men. We of course do our own little men and women talking study every morning here at the Point with me Liz and Nancy, and I'd tell you our conclusions, but I can never get a word in!