A new survey finds that your happiness could depend on it!

The simple task of making your bed in the morning might boost your outlook for the whole day.

In a recent survey, 71% of bed-makers consider themselves to be happy, compared to only 62% of people who leave their beds unmade.

As for me, I am a bed fixer. I cannot leave my room in the morning after I get out of bed without first fixing the bed. I cannot walk past my bedroom at any point during the day and look at an unmade bed. Nor can I walk past by boys' bedrooms without making sure their beds are neat and tidy.

Now some (like Lou Russo) would say I should just let it go and learn to live with a little mess. But, to me, a little mess leads to A LOT of mess, and I am left with the fallout. So to me, starting the day with fixed beds and anything else that goes along with keeping our home looking free of clutter and mess is a GREAT way to start...and end... each day.

One too many times I have tried to let go of things that need to get done around the house, like laundry, dishes, etc. and although that frees up some time for more fun things, in the end I have to deal with double or triple the piles of mess that weren't cleaned up. After all, it's not going away on its own!

Now before you ask, YES my boys have been taught to fix beds, do laundry, and load the diswasher. They also take the garbage out and take the groceries in. They are good helpers. And one of them takes after me and likes his room with everything in order. The other one is the complete opposite and challenges me on a daily basis about the meaning of the word organization. But I love him anyway.

And I am by no means perfect. I actually admit that my house and car are never perfectly clean, neat, and in order. But if I don't keep up with the basics, I am overwhelmed once I reach the point where I cannot find a clean fork or socks!

So rather than drown in the mess, I find that I have much happier days when I can keep my stuff in order...and it all starts with a fixed bed!

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