When you're having a bad day, do you go shopping to make yourself feel better?

It's referred to as "Retail Therapy", and a new survey shows that 63% of women and 39% of men go shopping to improve their mood.

58% of women look for clothing buys while indulging in retail therapy, while men tend to look for food when they're shopping to feel better.

About one-third of women also look for shoes or accessories when they're having a bad day and need some cheering up.

Men are more likely to look to electronics, games or music on a really bad day.

Most people say retail therapy helps them recover from bad work days, while 14% go shopping after receiving bad news. 11 percent say they indulge in retail therapy after arguing with their significant other.

Of course it goes without saying that getting a deal improves shoppers' moods even more.

And 67% say shopping online provides even better 'therapy'. In fact, 43 percent prefer online retail therapy because they can stay home and shop or do it right from work if they're having a bad work day!

(Data from Ebates)