Better think twice about doing could be the worst thing for you!

TWELVE studies have been conducted and compiled that show the best and worst ways to clean your hands in a public restroom...and the results are quite interesting.

Although they might not be the most environmentally friendly way to go, PAPER TOWELS are the most hygenic way to dry your hands.

Scientists have reviewed all the hand-drying studies and have found that paper towels are indeed the superior method in a public restroom, because they dry your hands more quickly than air dryers, and bacteria spreads more rapidly on wet hands.

Paper towels also work better because they PHYSICALLY remove bacteria from your hands.

EVEN WORSE than a quick blast under an air dryer: rubbing your hands together when you do it! Rubbing your wet hands together actually leads to greater bacterial numbers and "airborne dissemination", as if rubbing hands causes bacteria to migrate from hair follicles to the skin surface!