At Tim Tebow's press conference, he said he was 'excited to be a Jet' about one thousand times. I may be rounding up slightly, but it seemed to be included in every answer somehow, and that's a good thing. He seems like a sincere guy who's not just saying what his agent or the general manager told him to say. He's saying what he actually thinks. He IS excited to be a Jet!I'm not so sure how many Jets fans (or Mark Sanchez for that matter although he says he doesn't feel  threatenened) are actually as excited as Tebow is. Sanchez now has to deal with the press, the fans and now has to look over his shoulder for a very popular back-up quarterback, who is already a true celebrity.  How many Sanchez interceptions or incomplete passes will be thrown before the "Te-bow, Te-bow" chants will start at MetLife Stadium. But what about Jets fans?