Best. Idea. EVER.

Seriously though, I'm probably a little too excited about this.

We know all about Munchkins...the little donut holes that you eat 10 of before you realize you probably would have eaten 1/3 of the calories if you went with a regular donut. (Eh, Munchkins are way cuter. Live a little.)

Dunkin is stepping it up a notch, presenting: Bunchkins. BAGEL. HOLE. MUNCHKINS.

Imagine if, like the jelly-filled Munchkins, they made cream cheese filled Bunchkins??

O.M.G. Amazing.

Apparently this is not a new idea, as Einstein Bros. Bagels has been selling bagel poppers for a while now, but whatever, this is the first I'm hearing of this idea and my mind is BLOWN.

Dunkin already sells these bad boys --stuffed with sausage(!) --  in South Korea. If flights weren't so pricey, I'd consider a trip.

The only downer? They might not be actually called 'Bunchkins' because of trademark issues, which would be annoying, because how fun would it be to order a bunch of Bunchkins??

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