Who knew a breakfast sandwich could get so many people up in arms!

Dunkin Donuts is rocking the health boat with their newest offering.

Just in time for National Donut Daythis Friday, June 7th, Dunkin Donuts is unveiling a new breakfast sandwich sure to be as to delicious to some as it is disgusting to others.

Dunkin Donuts

The Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich will have a fried egg and bacon between halves of a glazed yeast donut.

Um, that sounds delicious.

Now, before I get the nasty comments and e-mails, I would like to say a few things:

DD reports there are 360 calories in this sandwich. No, I have no other nutrition info on the sandwich. Yes, this is the complete opposite of health food. Yes, there's an obesity epidemic in this country. Yes, you'd have to do a couple of hours of cardio to burn this off. Yes, this IS akin to a heart attack and/or instant diabetes in a wrapper. No, you should not eat one of these everyday.

My response to all of those critics? Everything in moderation, my friends! Variety is the spice of life! YOLO! And some other cliche to remind you that a) no one is forcing you to buy OR eat this sandwich, and b) one sandwich won't kill you; live a little!

Strictly from a flavor standpoint, the saltiness of the bacon paired with the sweetness of the bacon, complete with the creamy texture of the egg sounds delightful. What's not to like? (Other than the sticky fingers you are sure to have afterwards. I'll remember to bring a wet nap.)

Bottom line: I will absolutely be trying one. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.

P.S. If this sandwich isn't your thing, you can still celebrate National Donut Day. Participating Dunkin stores are giving out a free donut with the purchase of any beverage while supplies last this Friday.

What do you think about the new Dunkin sandwich? Tell us in the comment section below!