Saturday afternoon, my wife said she was going to pick up dessert to bring to my Mom and Dad's house for Easter dessert. When she came home she had picked up 3 cakes and a pie, plus cookies for my nephew, niece and Nana. There was so much dessert there, I figured no one would miss one small piece of pie. I was wrong...very wrong.

My wife quickly noticed a small sliver (huge hunk) of the lemon meringue pie missing. These type of things don't surprise her anymore. She did, however, announce that we wouldn't be bringing that pie to my parent's house. No decent person would bring a pie with a huge slice out of it to be served at someone else's house. Of course, I disagreed. You may want to sit down for this. Turns out I was wrong...very wrong.

As soon as we got to my parent's house, my wife clearly explained to my Mom what I had done long before she had a chance to open the box. Of course this didn't surprise my Mom. The only question my Mom had was if I liked the pie so much, why would I bring it at all? I told her that I planned on bringing any of the leftover pie back home anyway, apparently another faux pax. I know that because my wife and mom rolled their eyes simultaneously. 

Needless to say, the minute the rest of my family heard the story, they all made a point to have some lemon meringue pie for dessert. I swear I saw people who couldn't stand lemon meringue pie eating it like it was the last piece of pie on Earth. When the dessert dust had settled, there was one little piece left. Serves me right for not listening to my wife and my mom. I refused to bring the last piece home. I showed them!