Chances are, it's happened to you. You're texting, and you mean to write "I love that place!" Except your not-so-smartphone changes it to "I love that placebo!" or something worse. Usually it causes nothing more than some confusion or slight embarrassment...but in this case, it caused a school to go on lockdown!

So what did it say?

Well, according to the Gainesville Times, the intended message was "Gunna be at West Hall today." Unfortunately, the phone didn't recognize the slang term for "going to" and changed it to "gunman."

Add to that that the text was mistakenly sent to the wrong number...and you can see how things went horribly wrong.

The person who received the text alerted authorities, who locked down the local middle and high schools until the 'threat' was investigated and everything was sorted out.

As for the sender? Police say that charges won't be filed since there was no actual intention to send a threat.

Oops! (There's a reason sites like DamnYouAutoCorrect [slightly NSFW] exist!)

What was the worst autocorrect you've ever sent or received?? Comment below!