The Monmouth County SPCA is taking care of so many animals and needs donations at all times. There are some things you may not know you can easily contribute, like stuffed animals!

Of course the MCSPCA could use financial contributions. But here are some items you may have just sitting around your house or garage that they could also use:

For Kittens:

Jarred baby food

Plain yogurt

Stuffed Animals (there is nothing cuter than seeing a little kitten with its paws wrapped around their favorite stuffend animal)

Shelter Items:

Hand sanitizer

Washable blankets, towels, sheets

Bottled water

Paper towels

Laundry detergent

Brillo pads

Lysol Disinfectant and wipes

30-gallon size garbage bags (or larger)

Liquid hand soap


Gift cards to PetSmart, Petco, Walgreens, etc.

Office Supplies:

White and color copy paper

File folders


For Dogs and Cats:


Pill Pockets


And, if you are serious about specific pet donations, here is the list of exactly what the dogs and cats need:

For Dogs:

Hill's Science Diet Dry Food

Pedigree/Mighty Dog Canned Food

New Leashes and Collars that buckle (not snap)

EZ Walker Harnesses (medium and large)

Raw Hides

For Cats:

Hill's Science Diet Dry Food

Friskies Ground Canned Food

Fancy Feast

9 Lives

World's Best Cat Litter or any scoopable

New small plastic cat carriers


Cans of tuna and sardines

Cat Beds