I tend to be a bit superstitious. I was even wary of telling you all about Duzzy.

What am I really against? Facebook relationship statuses.

They are the worst idea ever. I really believe they are bad luck.

You update your relationship status and suddenly everyone in your life knows about it and has something to say. Something goes wrong in your relationship, and your status goes back to single, and again...everyone has something to say.

No good.

Now, obviously, it's a little different for me, considering my job, and I'm aware that talking about my relationship to tens of thousands of people is probably not the best idea, but I always like to share my life with you guys.

And we all know that girl who is suddenly 'in a relationship' after two dates, then is single again, then two weeks later she's 'in a relationship' with someone else...then all of a sudden 'it's complicated.'

Honey, it's not complicated. If he wanted you to be his girlfriend, you would be.

It's different if you've been happily married for 10 years, or you've been dating someone forever and everyone knows you're in a relationship.

For people out on the dating scene though, beware, that status can be the kiss of death.

My advice, keep your status private. Anyone who really needs to know about your relationships probably already does.

Do you have your relationship status listed on your Facebook profile? Tell us below!