Most of us spend a good portion of the day on Facebook...we're keeping tabs on the kids, long lost cousins, that weird girl we had a class with...and four ex-boyfriends from 10 years ago. It's fine, they'll never know.


We all have an 'activity log' on Facebook. (If you go to your profile page, it'll be a button on the right side, below your cover photo.) It lists all of your actions on Facebook...every photo you've liked, status you've commented on, and app you've used.

Facebook is about to add things to that list. Like things (and people) you've searched for.

It's all private for now, meaning only you will be able to see what you've searched for...but how long will that last?

The best part about Facebook is the (non-criminal) stalking!

So you know your ex-bff? Yeah, say goodbye to checking out her wall and photos...she'll know you're doing it.

And then YOU'RE the weird girl she had a class with once.


Facebook is so evil. And yet...I...just...can't...stop...

Are you concerned about your privacy on Facebook?