Researchers say that falling in love may not be such a magical thing after all.

Did you ever try warning a friend off of a bad choice in the love department? Well, turns out they are probably incapable of listening to your good advice.

Scientists have discovered that falling in love is a biological reaction that affects the brain. Researchers have found that the part of the brain that's in charge of judgment is the first to go!

This causes people in love to stop criticizing or doubting, which explains why so many people fall in love with someone who, in hindsight, might be a terrible choice of a mate.

Then what happens? You snap out of the falling in love stage only to find that you have married this person and have to put up with them for the rest of your life! Sounds fair.

The good news is that falling in love won't affect other aspects of your life. You are still capable of making other major decisions in your life, such as business deals. Great.