You know what they say, it's hard to shop for a guy, and Father's Day is no exception. I found some ideas that might help you out.

It makes sense that a great Father's Day gift would involve something Dad and child could enjoy together. Maybe it's bike riding or a ball game, or maybe it's something you make at home that's full of memories that mean a lot to him. There are plenty of creative ideas, according to

Experts say the key to being a good gift giver to men is to listen throughout the year for what they like. Uh-oh, too late for that? No problem, just read the whole article and maybe you will be inspired to come up with the perfect gift.

Lately, my gifts for Dad have been sports related, We spend a lot of time talking about the Giants and crying about the Mets. It's great bonding time and something we enjoy sharing. I haven't decided on this year's gift, but I'm on the lookout! I'll keep you posted.