Here is a wealth of information that you can pass along to friends, neighbors and loved ones in need...everything from free food and supplies to volunteer laborers...even free Thanksgiving Dinner!

For people displaced by the storm and needing supplies OF ANY KIND, the old Childrenswear Store on Hwy. 35 in Hazlet (in the Staples Shopping Center) is now a central distribution point for the entire Bayshore area. They are accepting donations of any kind. Buses will bring affected residents to the store so they can pick up what they need. Folding tables are needed for the space. You can either donate them, or lend them if you can. The site is open 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. every day. For more information, call 732-264-2390. You can also visit their Facebook page NMCC Beacon of Hope.

Sea Bright's Woody's Ocean Grille has been running "Operation Feed Sea Bright" since just after Sandy hit, serving up food to anyone in town. Now that Ocean Avenue is getting ready to reopen, they're asking you to donate supplies starting tomorrow.The restaurant requests some specific items for their "tent city": laundry detergent, garbage pails, laundry baskets, new socks, rakes, buckets, mops, tin foil, salad dressing, BBQ sauce, serving dishes (tin), bacon, eggs, any food item (they have storage), hot dog and hamburger rolls...but no clothing. They're now sharing with multiple towns and have become a distribution hub of sorts. They have delivered truckloads to Highlands, Union Beach, Long Branch, and Asbury.

Edgar's Pub in Sea Girt will open its doors to local displaced families and out-of-state utility workers on Thanksgiving for a free Thanksgiving dinner (they're calling it "Friendsgiving"), fully prepared and served by their employees, friends, and families as a way to give thanks among friends. Please call ahead to ensure your table and allow them to get an accurate head count. Help spread the word and let any local family know that their doors are open during this tough time. 732-449-4114

If you would like to volunteer to join a work team in the Manasquan area, you can do so through First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan on South Street. They have work teams available for you to join for cleaning, moving items, sheet rock removal, packing, sand removal, insulation removal and other physical labor. Their Sandy Hotline is 219-921-4931 or you can email

If you know anyone who needs help with cleaning up/tearing up their destroyed home in Manasquan, email with name, address, phone number, and the type of help needed and they will get a volunteer crew from First Presbyterian to you.

If you would like to donate gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes to help people rebuild, or donate gift cards to Walmart, K-Mart, Sears, Target, Acme, Shop-Rite, Food Town, A&P, etc. to help people re-stock their homes and pantries, or make a financial contribution, you can do so at First Baptist Church of Manasquan on South Street. Make checks payable to First Baptist Church of Manasquan - Sandy Relief and they will use your gift to assist in relief efforts.