When Sandy hit, I was at the radio station and wouldn't be able to get home until late Tuesday, plus my wife was out of town, so the calls I got from my neighbors were the only link I had to what was happening on my rapidly flooding street.

 And that was hard for me, as it was for so many of us. But soon after, I was able to get home and see it for myself. I was fortunate. I can't even imagine what it's like to only now being able to get to your home, like the folks in Ortley Beach. Of course, safety issues are the priority, but my heart certainly goes out to the people who will today, for the first time, be able to survey the damage. And in most cases that damage is severe.

This process has played out in many Shore towns over the past few days, and each are as heartbreaking as the last. None of us want to see our neighbors, family and friends go through the pain and heartbreak associated with this storm. All we can do is be there for you and try our best to help in any way we can. I just want those of you going through this today and in the past few days to know you are on my mind and I hope for the best for you.