These darlings from the Monmouth County SPCA are our Point Pets of the Week. They need forever homes!

With kitten season approaching, the Monmouth County SPCA is about to get inundated with litters from strays that haven't been spayed. Foster volunteers have been taking helping alleviate the pressure of enough space, and have taken care of some kittens and cats that are ready to find a permanent home and family.

The top picture is of Prudence, a sweet little girl currently in foster care with an SPCA volunteer. Prudence was very afraid when she first came to the shelter, but has made tremendous progress in the home. She loves playing with her foster kitty (and ferret) siblings! Prudence is still shy but has learned to trust people and enjoys being pet. Prudence is 10 months young.


The second picture is Whiskers,  a sweet 7 year old boy who is currently in foster care with one of the SPCA volunteers. Whiskers came to the shelter with his brother after their owner became ill. Boots has since been adopted. Whiskers is the shyer brother and was afraid at the shelter. Whiskers has blossomed in his foster home and enjoys playing and being pet. Please call ahead to arrange a visit with Whiskers!

And Adorable little Bunny in the third picture is in a foster home right now as well. She is 8 months old and loves other cats. Bunny can be shy, but is warming up to humans quickly. She loves to play. She loves a little soft food each day. And she makes the cutest little chirple sounds.


Please call 732.440.1525 for more information on fostering or adopting from the Monmouth County SPCA.Your life will be richer for it.