Collective prayers have been answered, and Jack Bauer will definitely be back on TV as Fox announces the future air dates for the return of 24!

Announced by Fox this morning, 24: Live Another Day will return as a limited series event with 12 episodes to start airing in May 2014.

It won't be exactly like the old series though, as the real-time format is reportedly changing.

Entertainment Weekly reports Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly said, 'Unlike what happened in the regular series where each episode represented an hour in Bauer’s action-packed life, the new version will jump around during the day.'


The real-time aspect was one of the coolest things about the show! I will still watch the show when it comes back regardless of the change, but I'm curious if anyone else is as disappointed by that as I am.

12 episodes? That's 12 hours! Plenty of time for a full story arc!

No matter what...I'm counting down the days to May 2014! Beep...Beep...Beep...

What do you think of the show's potential format change? Tell us in the comment section below!