You can't seem to communicate with your children. You need advice on becoming a better parent.Your teenager is getting moody and disrespectful. You're super stressed. You think your child needs help. You are worried about keeping your teens away from drugs. Someone in your family has become addicted to medication, drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Did you know you can find help for all of this and more, free of charge, right here in Monmouth or Ocean Counties?

Here is a list of contact information to get you started:

The Central Jersey Family Health Consortium (732-363-5400) is a non-profit organization that wants to help women, children, and families in Monmouth and Ocean Counties to find the free services that they need to improve the health and well-being of those they love. This includes child behavior issues, children of substance abuse, screening tools for pregnant women, violence agains women, pregnant women suffering from addiction, and more.

The Institute for Prevention (732-914-3815), Barnabas Health, offers programs from Strengthening Families (seminars full of advice for moms and dads raising their kids and teens) to Children in the Middle (a divorce education program for parents) to a tobacco treatment program to quit smoking.

MonmouthCares ( is a website that hosts hundreds of resources for youth and families throughout Monmouth County. Care management organizations serve children and teens (and their families) who struggle with behavioral and emotional challenges.

And the newly opened Ocean County Family Success Center in Toms River (732-557-5037) offers events and classes for infants, moms, stress relief, and other services to keep families safe and stable, all free of charge.