The CFC Loud N Clear Foundation has made it their mission to:

" individuals and families struggling with addiction find, maintain, and strengthen their recovery through peer-based support, certified intervention and professional treatment guidance, community education and naloxone trainings, educational presentations, sober living homes, sober social activities, and reintegration into society through participation in the all encompassing CFC Recovery Community."

Through CFC's partnership with Freehold Raceway Mall, this dynamic duo has also shined a spotlight on the importance of mental health and its large involvement in the recovery process.

There are two major events coming up to not only raise awareness on mental health but to spread the love so that all can feel support from their own community.

The first is Free Hugs Day coming up on February 10th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Freehold Raceway Mall where CFC recovery members will be giving free hugs.

Keep in mind that you never know someone else's story and a hug could make someone's day. The photos above are from the Free Hugs Day from 2018 just to give you an idea of the love coming your way.

The second event is a little ways away but is very important and needs to be marked down in your calendars now.

Coming up on Friday, May 4th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM is Freehold Raceway Mall's "Painting the Mall Purple" event in honor of Mental Health & Recovery Awareness.

It will be a family-friendly day filled with guest speakers and community resources so the public can be educated on mental health and be aware of the available resources who needs them. Plus, fun activities such as yoga, meditation and musician performances are also planned for the day.

For any questions, contact Tammy from the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation at

For more information, click HERE or HERE for more information.

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