I was yelled at today for doing my job.

Trust me, we are ALL frustrated, but patience has never been more crucial than right now.

A woman from Massachusetts, with family in Brick, called to say we shouldn't be playing music. She added that we weren't doing a good enough job of letting people know where they can get water and ice, and she wanted to know why we weren't doing anything about the fires burning on the barrier island.

Someone called yesterday to say that it was ridiculous that JCP&L doesn't have the power back on yet.

Another woman was upset that 'we' had canceled Halloween.

Trust me, we are ALL frustrated. I don't have power at my house in Marlboro. The food in my refrigerator and freezer is rapidly spoiling.

Monday night I slept on a DESK here at the radio station. I got two hours of sleep and then got back to trying to get information to give out to everyone. Believe me, we are all in this together. (If you're wondering why we didn't use the floor, there wasn't enough room for everyone, the ground was wet with leaves, and we have a bug/mouse issue in the building. The desk seemed a better option.)

We are doing our best to bring you the news as we get it. It's important to realize that lines of communication are down for schools, for municipal authorities, and for stores.

Our news department and our on-air staff has been here around the clock for three days and we are doing everything we can to get any information we have out.

I've been fielding phone calls all day, and answering questions as best I can, but in many instances, we just don't have answers.

I'm trying my best to balance the music with updates. There are many people who are home and have nothing to do but sit and wait, and for those people, I'm hoping the music is helping you cope.

This is a tough situation for us all. We're here, and we'll be here, for you.

If you have any information that you want to share, tell us in the comment section below, or call us at any time -- 732-988-POINT (7646).