My boys and I embarked on some great activities this past weekend that we hadn't tried in years! In case you're looking for some new ideas to entertain your kids, try these!

1. Slot Car Racing! What boy doesn't like to race car with a remote control and a giant track? How many times have you given your kids a racetrack as a gift and then wanted to throw the pieces through a window when you tried to put it together, only to find out that it takes up too much room in your home to KEEP it put together? Well....I took the boys slot car racing in Farmingdale over the weekend with their friends and it was a boys' heaven (although if I had girls I'm sure they'd love it just as much!) We had done this before when they were younger (and it's far better than putting together your own track!) but then got sidetracked through the years with band, soccer, and video games and sort of forgot what fun it was 'til we went back on Saturday afternoon. My friends and I even had fun being the 'pit crew' that picked up the cars and got them back on the track every time they took a turn too fast. Great fun! (We've in the past been to slot cars in other places around Monmouth County, including one on rt. 33 in Neptune, but this time we went to The Race Place on Rt. 33 in Farmingdale).

2. We also went to Collingwood Flea Market/Auction on Rt. 34 (which, by the way, also has slot car racing!!!) and the boys had a blast walking around all of the tents discovering amazing 'finds' on classic video games and hotwheels/matchbox cars, among so much other stuff. We also discovered that inside there is a giant music place with every instrument imaginable...which kept Benji busy for hours! (R U Music...Steve Esagui is quite knowledgeable on ALL aspects of music and Brian was quite helpful, too!)

3. Wall Speedway on Rt. 34. We haven't been there in a while, but have this next on our list for a Saturday night of racing! The season is now underway and it's loud and fast and so much fun for the boys. We also have gone to the New Egypt speedway in the past for some dirt track fun!

4. We haven't strolled around a sidewalk sale in quite a while and Main Street in Manasquan has a quaint Main Street that had an awesome sidewalk sale all weekend with some wonderful items! It's hard for me to get my boys into a store, so it was much more fun enjoying a sunny day outside and shopping : )