Father's Day is a great day to make new memories, and that's exactly what happened at our house this year, and it all started with a doorknob.

My Mom and Dad were over the house for a barbeque this past Sunday. At one point, Diane disappeared into the house and didn't return right away. That is not uncommon, She is always putting a tray of food together something together or cleaning something or preparing something.

So as she was inside, my parents and I were having a nice conversation out on the deck. But after about 20 minutes, I said to them that I was going in to see what she was doing and if she needed help. Did she ever.

I walk in the house and the first thing I hear is, "Help, help"!   Not exactly what you want to hear. So I run around the corner and see the bathroom door closed. I asked what happened and Diane told me she was locked in the bathroom. Locked IN.

Turns out the doorknob on the bathroom door had broken, and since the door opened in, this was a problem. No sweat though. My Dad sprung into action, and after letting me try my two or three bad ideas of my own, he grabbed some tools, and rescued my wife from her own bathroom.

Thanks Dad, and Mom too! Dad was working the outside of the door while Mom was sliding things under the door so Diane could work on the inside of the door. I stood behind them doing what I'm best at...doing nothing. Good thing they were there or she might still be in that bathroom!