Flooding on the Garden State Parkway (NJ DOT)

As I was first hearing of the Garden State Parkway flooding issues northbound yesterday, I was literally passing exit 83, my last chance to get off the Parkway before the traffic. Seconds later, like many of you, I was stuck in the motionless traffic.

From just north of 83 until I got off the Parkway at exit 90, I didn't move more than 5mph for about an hour, and it felt longer than that. I was trying to keep the Laurie Cataldo in the studio updated on things since I was "on the scene", but it's hard to report the latest when you can't see anything and you aren't moving.

Too much rain and too many cars, that's a bad combination. I will say, that from the limited amount of activity I could see, everyone seemed to be behaving and displaying an abundance of patience, normally a rare commodity in the Garden State. Of course, I only saw a small percentage of the people driving. Your experience may have been very different.

So, I guess it's just another day of extreme weather in New Jersey. I just hope this isn't the new normal.