Luckily my girl Kim in Howell is a good sport and will let me make fun of her for this...

She ran out of gas today while driving around in Howell...not only that, she tried to turn around and then got stuck in the middle of a pretty busy road, complete with people staring her down.

Oh, Kim...

Knock on wood, I've never gotten stuck...but I've been known to test the limits of my gas tank.

I hate having to get gas. It's such a have to make sure you have enough cash on you, otherwise you have to pay more, and it's no secret I like to find the cheapest place.

(I know, it's bad for the engine, and my auto body shop-owning father would kill me if he knew just how often I coast into the gas station on little more than fumes, hopes, and dreams.)

I generally try to go when I get down to a quarter of a tank, but ugh, it's just so annoying!

That being said, I'd rather deal with the inconvenience of stopping to fill up than involuntarily stopping in the middle of traffic.

Sorry, Kim.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on the road? Share your sorrows below!