Nowadays, it seems more likely that you know people throughout the world (thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the like) but you don't know who lives next door to you. Well now there's a social networking site to fix that.

If you're too shy to knock on your neighbor's door when your kid's frisbee gets stuck on the roof and you need a're not alone. It seems like the Welcome Wagon doesn't stop by as much as it used to when you move into a home.

 More and more people are busy and keeping to themselves. Either they don't want to bother you, they simply don't need any more friends, or they don't want to get close to others in the neighborhood for fear that they might regret it later. 

This new site is intended to let you get to know the people who are specifically in your neighborhood. It's like a cross between Facebook and a neighborhood watch meeting...and it's called Nextdoor.

So for those of you who have lost your touch when it comes to socializing in person - rather than on Facebook - this could be the site for you! Now get out there and make some new friends!