It was pretty big news that Keith Urban decided to go in a different direction with his hair, and many American Idol fans haven't gotten to see it yet in the audition portion of Idol, so Keith's appearance at the Grammy show was a first glance at the new look.

Liz, who has historically been a Keith fan...actually let's call it what it is...Liz, who has historically been a Keith groupie, called the haircut a "deal breaker" when she first saw it. As if she had some kind of deal with him prior to the new hairdo.

I will put aside for a moment my strong belief that the deal breaker between Liz and Keith is, well...Keith. And probably his security team. And then there's a little deal breaker called Nicole Kidman. But I stray.

Let's say for a moment that Keith was single and available and everyone had an equal chance to have him fall for them. Would the haircut be a "deal breaker" for you?