I grew up rooting for the Mets along with my Dad and it has always been a source of fun and bonding for us. Diane and I wanted to surprise him and bring him and my Mom to an Opening Day game, and this year we did it.

We had my Dad thinking he was coming to our house to help me with an imaginary backyard project and when he got to the house, we sprung it on him. His first reaction was to question if we could get the work done and still make the game. When I convinced him there was actually no work to be done, he flashed a big grin, and off to the game we went.

The Mets played a great game, but came up just short, but that didn't matter. What was important to me was that I was together with my beautiful wife and wonderful parents and we were making some great memories.

Sure, I turned around when the game fell apart for the home team and saw the Mets frown I've seen on my Dad's face a million times, but that's all part of being a Mets fan, right? I was just glad to be there sharing a beautiful day at a fun place with the people I love.

Don't ya just love baseball?